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Holvi Mobile App

A simpler life for entrepreneurs. Holvi combines everything from banking to paperless bookkeeping and invoicing in one simple service.

ScopeConcept, UX- and UI-Design, Prototyping

Holvi is a banking service designed for the new era, all about connectivity and flexibility. The company was founded by entrepreneurs, tired of the time spent managing money and dealing with business bureaucracy.

We partnered with the folks from Holvi to completely rethink and redesign their native banking iOS and Android apps. From the beginning onwards we’ve worked with existing customers to uncover what the epicentre of the redesign should be. By gathering those insights we could focus on the most important features first and could ship valuable features to customers faster.

The whole process was a constant iteration of designing, prototyping, testing and implementing. The end result is a long lasting mobile design system for Holvi‘s future.

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Holvi Mobile Design System
Holvi Mobile App Onboarding
Holvi Mobile Transactions
Holvi Mobile Invoices
Holvi Mobile Payment Cards

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