Humans of Finparx Illustration

The boutique company builder with the mission to improve daily life, international trade, common good and open society.

Scope:Strategy, Branding, UX, Design, Development

When Finparx approached us, they already had a list of aspiring and successful ventures listed in their portfolio. At the same time, their website lacked branding and a sufficient way to recruit and inspire like-minded people.

In order to create a platform, that sparks the interest of potential future founders, employees, and partners, we aimed for an unconventional navigation concept. The website uses a tag-based navigation bar, which allows visitors to customize the way they get to know Finparx. The tags allow visitors to filter the content which is relevant to them. With this approach, we paved the way for the planned implementation of a sophisticated recruiting engine.

Together with the Finparx team we also defined a branding, that resembles the character of the company. We created a platform that puts people in the spotlight, rather than replaceable company values. Animated illustrations breath life into the informative pages and reflect the design-loving spirit that defines Finparx’ DNA.

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