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Translating data into actionable insights that help merchants to understand their business and customers.

ClientDaily Deal
ScopeUX- and UI-Design, Prototyping

DailyDeal is a German e-commerce marketplace that connects customers with local merchants by offering activities, trips, goods and services in three different countries.

Back in 2016, DailyDeal decided to improve the merchant’s platform to help their partners to manage their deals more easily and provide them with more insights. In an initial workshop, we gathered knowledge around user behaviours, goals and needs and shed light on the business itself, understanding DailyDeal’s rationale behind their endeavours.

What followed was a close collaboration with stakeholders from various departments to rapidly develop low-fidelity concepts that touched every aspect of a merchant’s experience. After that we started broad and locked down the merchant’s primary tasks, we built a design foundation that allowed us to develop and test ideas quickly. Eventually, all these ideas and concepts evolved into a product that would support merchants in their daily lives.

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