Circula iPhone App

Expense filing with ease. The go-to app for travellers, accountants and managers.

ScopeBrand identity, UX- and UI-Design, Prototypes

Circula’s mission is to equip small and medium-sized businesses with the means to make travel expenses part of a frictionless and simple experience.

The team from Circula approached us with the challenge to create an easy-to-use product with a friendly design language. We started with a collaborative design sprint to figure out what would be valuable to customers as a first release. We challenged our ideas with domain experts and got a better idea of which track we should be on. This gave us the perfect head start for the brand and the digital products. The brand and design language dismisses the utilitarian look and feel of the competitive environment.

Working in close collaboration with Circula’s product and business team we were able to shift the business from a start up to a serious competitor in the business travel sector.

Circula Typography & Colors
Circula Illustrations
Circula iOS Design
Circula Web App Design

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