Employee service reimagined. Manage all workplace requests in one single platform.

ScopeBrand Strategy, Branding, Art Direction

At its core Back centralizes requests from different channels like Slack, email, and forms. With the help of automation, the software surfaces relevant knowledge and eliminates manual and repetitive tasks.

Humans are at the center of the whole product experience. To support this we designed the brand to be as enjoyable and playful as possible.

We designed the logo around the concept of questions and answers. The hand-drawn glyph is an abstraction of this concept. One thing that is special about the branding is its color agnostic approach. This gives the Back team the freedom to be as bold or as reserved as they want to be. The branding and art direction set the foundation for collaboration with Jacob Eisinger, Andy Gellenberg and Guillaume Kurkdjian who added a special sauce to the branding with their set of 3D-Illustrations. The hand-drawn scribbles and doodles generate an additional layer of depth to the illustrations and the product.

By working closely with Back we’ve created a vivid and flexible brand identity system with a lot of personality.

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